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USA & Canada

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See the true strength 3D printing can deliver

Request a free printed sample of our FDM Nylon 12CF and you’ll quickly see the many possibilities this material provides.

FDM Nylon 12CF combines nylon 12 and carbon fiber, giving you a powerful combination of strength and rigidity — including the highest stiffness-to-weight ratio of any of our FDM materials. Printed with FDM technology, Nylon 12CF features outstanding material properties, including:

    63 MPa (XZ Axis) 29 MPa (ZX Axis)
    7600 MPa (XZ Axis) 2300 MPa (ZX Axis)
  • HDT @ 264 PSI
    143 °C
    85 J/m (XZ Axis) 21.4 J/m (ZX Axis)

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