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GrabCAD Software

Print, Shop.

3D printing software that streamlines the CAD-to-Print workflow.

GrabCAD Software is built to streamline the 3D printing engineering workflow for Stratasys Customers. GrabCAD Print software makes 3D printing easy, so you get quality 3D printed parts faster and simpler. GrabCAD Shop simplifies the 3D printing workflow for engineers, designers and shop operators by reducing the time wasted trying to keep track of 3D print requests.


Streamline Your 3D Printing Workflow

With Stratasys software you can:



Organize incoming 3D printing jobs and all of your Stratasys 3D printers.



Communicate on print jobs directly in the work order.



Print native CAD files to your Stratasys 3D printer from anywhere.



Analyze material usage, history, and utilization of your printer with in-depth reports and dashboards.


GrabCAD Print

Our free 3D printing software helps streamline your Stratasys 3D printing workflow. Design and bring your 3D printed parts to market faster.

Key benefits


Print with the promise of design realism

Our PolyJet 3D printing features help you achieve the color, material and finish designers want -- without the need for multiple software solutions.

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Make it perform with FDM

Our FDM features give you next level model customization and printing speed. FDM features such as adaptive slice automatically vary the slice height within a part to decrease printing time while retaining part quality and strength.

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GrabCAD Shop

15% of a typical print operator’s week is wasted tracking down work order requirements and communicating status between engineers, designers and operators. GrabCAD Shop 3D printing management software solves this.

Key benefits


Simplified work order management

The GrabCAD Shop Orders dashboard gives print operators the ability to view, organize and manage all incoming orders. Administrators can even customize the dashboard how they want.


Robust shop and business performance analytics

The GrabCAD Shop reporting feature gives managers and print operators insight into their print processes. Report on technology requested, material requested, orders completed and more.



Just click print.

With GrabCAD Print, designers have access to a simple, efficient PolyJet workflow that brings designs to life. Now made even easier by 3MF, workflows like KeyShot 10 to 3D print are realized with just a few clicks. Whether they incorporate bump mapping, color gradients, complex surface textures, or colorful graphics, design concepts now seamlessly become reality.



Research Package

The Research Package is an advanced software tool that enables power users and researchers to enjoy more flexibility and advanced tools.

With Research Package you can:


Extend Your Capabilities

These tools and capabilities enhance your ability to customize and push boundaries leading to new ideas.


Join the Top Educational Package

These customized capabilities offer a unique, professional system for researchers extending their AM/3D PolyJet printing.


Advance Your Innovation

The tools ease the way to producing innovative and creative work in a wide range of fields – embedded electronics, microfluidics, soft robotics and more that are to be discovered.


Gain Recognition & Leadership

The package promotes creativity and innovation enabling users to reach new levels of achievement and recognized as leaders in their field with unprecedented ability and control.


case study

Using GrabCAD Shop to streamline 3D printing in schools.

Read how GrabCAD Shop helps a STEM instructor manage multiple 3D printing requests & helps students prepare for a future in additive manufacturing.



GrabCAD Print: The Features

GrabCAD Print helps you get quality prints, faster. Learn more about our PolyJet and FDM features!


Interested in buying GrabCAD Shop?

Print designs directly from CAD. No time wasted converting files – just a seamless design-to-prototype process. Save 15% by improving your shop workflow with GrabCAD Shop.

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