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Concept Models

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Concept Models

Showcase Your Ideas in 3D

The power of a physical model is the tangible communication of your idea to collaborators, stakeholders and clients. A 3D printed concept model is your vision made real, evoking excitement and facilitating feedback.

Build extremely light, large-scale concept models in record time with our exclusive hollow build method, ID-Light. Our expansive finishing services further your vision with paint, decals and real-product cosmetics.

Create any form imaginable with 3D printing’s design freedom, producing models direct from your CAD design. Blend aesthetics and function into an incredible model, in your hands and ready for display faster than conventional manufacturing methods can deliver.

Benefits of 3D Printing Concept Models

Act On Inspiration


Prove out your next inspiration in full-detail with 3D printing. Filter through ideas and incorporate design changes rapidly as your team develops the next big product.

Marketing Ready


Create true-to-production, cosmetic models for marketing processes, like photoshoots, tradeshows and sales displays, as you wait for production runs to be completed.

Precision Architecture


Combining the precision of computer simulations with the tangibility of scale models, 3D printing helps architects retain fine details of the final architectural plan as they prove out designs.