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Streamline Production

Maintain high-quality production and efficiency with complex and custom manufacturing aids like jigs, fixtures, templates and gauges. With our advanced manufacturing services we can deliver effective manufacturing tools to help you streamline the production floor. Whether they’re used for forming, location, cutting, assembly, testing or inspecting, we have the expertise to streamline your processes and improve quality and consistency.

Manufacturing Tools

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Jigs & Fixtures

These often overlooked, but critical components for quality production often require several cycles of design and prototyping to attain the required performance. 3D printing provides a substantially simplified and cost effective fabrication process for productivity, efficiency and quality.

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Composite Tooling

Utilize 3D printing to create lightweight, agile, low-cost composite tools in days. Incorporate greater functionality and geometry complexity for light-weight layup tools, machining fixtures, trim tools and drill jigs.

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Forming Tools

Reduce lead times to forming tools with additive manufacturing. Build tools in days with built-in porosity and increased tool complexity to reduce thermal mass and control thermal gradients. 3D printing’s innate design freedom allows engineers to design for the end product and make design changes quickly.

Forming Tools

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Investment Casting Patterns

Increase foundry business by making investment casting patterns more viable for your customers. 3D printed investment casting patterns significantly reduce lead times and eliminate high tooling costs. With excellent pattern accuracy and repeatability at less expense than conventional methods, the patterns translate to higher yields during casting.

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